NZ GRAND CH Lanascol Cheerleader  1983
Sire Aust & NZ CH Tarralain Triumph(Imp Aust)
Dam Lanascol Red Reflection
Lanascol Red Reflection  1978
Sire Aust & NZ CH Quailmoor Kracker Jack (Imp Aust)
Dam CH Redcrest Red Reflection
Lanascol Red Reflection 1978
NZ Grand Ch Lanascol Cheerleader 1983
I purchased my first Irish Setter in 1973 closely followed by a second one. I was then persuaded to enter a championship show and that was it. I have been exhibiting my dogs for the past 30 years and have seen many changes over those years.

My first two Irish Setters were what I would now call pet quality but still very much loved with their great personalities.
The biggest influence on what I was looking for in an Irish setter was Aust & NZ CH Quailmoor Humouresque(Imp Aust) who arrived in New Zealand in the mid 1970's. I purchased pick bitch off Humouresque's  first litter and she ended up being  the foundation bitch of the lines that I now have - CH Redcrest Irish Symphony.

Symphony was bred to Aust & NZ CH Quailmoor Kracker Jack(Imp Aust) who was a top sire during the late 70's and I was fortunate enough to get Lanascol Red Reflection who is also in the pedigrees of today's Lanascol Irish Setters.

1978 saw the arrival of NZ CH Quailmoor Preminition (Imp Aust) to Lanascol, closely followed by NZ CH Quailmoor Tell Tale (Imp Aust). Unfortunately we did not continue breeding with these two.
In 1983 I purchased in partnership Aust & NZ CH Tarralain Triumph (Imp Aust) at the age of 5 years. He went on to become 'Stud Dog of the Year" for the Irish Setter Club for 4 consecutive years. He had a great influence on the breed during the 80's.
The most well known of his progeny being NZ Grand CH Lanascol Cheerleader (out of Lanascol Red Reflection). Cheerleader was one of the first Grand champions in New Zealand winning 5 All Breeds 'Best In Show'. Cheerleader went on to produce very successfully when mated to Aust & NZ CH Wilangi Bellamy(Imp Aust).

CH Lanascol Glad Rags (born 1986) was her most well known daughter and when mated back to Triumph produced NZ Grand Champion Lanascol Keepsake(William) who was the 'Irish Setter Club' Dog of the Year for 7 consecutive years as well as winning  18 Best In Show awards in Australia as well as New Zealand. Sadly Keepsake went sterile as a junior dog and only sired two litters.

In 1994 I was offered the glorious bitch NZ Grand CH Quailmoor Notorious from Norma Hamilton. She arrived as a two year old. What a wonderful gift. Riot as she is known has lived up to her name and gone on to win many All Breeds 'Best In Show' as well as specialty shows.

At the same time I sent CH Lanascol Glad Rags to Aust CH Meadowlarks Energizer (Imp USA) in Australia. From this we had a litter of 2 dogs one being NZ Grand Ch Lanascol Work of Art known as Henry (born 1994) who as well as having 25 Best in Shows he has won the Irish Setter Club Specialty show for the past 4 years. He has gone on to produce  a large number of  champions as well as BIS winners.

Paul moved back to New Zealand at this time with his pointers under the Robwyn prefix . Together we imported NZ CH Quailmoor Mary Quant who when mated back to Work of Art successfully produced 3 champions. We have also imported NZ CH Eireannmada Star O'Paris who when mated to Work of Art produced our promising young bitch CH Lanascol Flying High. Paris then went back to Greg Browne in Australia. Greg then sent Eireannmada House O'York who has gone on to sire Lanascol Errant Piper. Piper will be shown this year. For her final litter Riot was mated to Work of Art and we have Lanascol Gladiator a promising young dog that will be shown sparingly this year.

Ch Quailmoor Mary Quant was mated to Ch Lanascol Errant Piper (born 7.12.02) and we hope to keep a bitch from this litter. The puppies are looking promising at this stage.

Of course I have had a number of other Irish Setters over the years but the Irish mentioned are the ones that have had the biggest influence on Lanascol Irish Setters.

                                                            Carolyn Cederman

NZ Grand Ch Lanascol Keepsake
NZ GRAND CH Lanascol Keepsake
Sire Aust & NZ CH Tarralain Triumph(Imp Aust)
Dam Ch Lanascol Glad Rags
NZ Grand Ch Quailmoor Notorious (Imp Aust)
NZ GRAND CH Quailmoor Notorious (Imp Aust)
Sire Aust CH Meadowlarks Energizer (Imp USA)
Dam Aust Ch Quailmoor Georgia Brown
NZ GRAND CH Lanascol Work of Art
Sire Aust CH Meadowlarks Energizer (Imp USA)
Dam NZ CH Lanascol Glad Rags
NZ Grand Ch Lanascol Work Of Art
NZ Grand CH Lanascol Work Of Art & NZ Grand CH Quailmoor Notorious (Imp Aust)